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Exclusive Avatars Gateway Guardians Slot Review

When it comes to cosmic video slots, Yggdrasil's Avatars Gateway Guardians, lays claim to being one of the masters of the slot universe. Released in 2020, this epic game, delivers a cutting-edge slotscape that will seriously impress you if you're into everything Universal – including ancient alien theories! These cosmic reels are a portal another dimension, with spins from €0.10 – €200 setting players on a quest for wins up to x2,900!

where to play Avatars Gateway Guardians for real

where to play Avatars Gateway Guardians for real

100% up to €100. Min deposit €10 + 100 Free Spins
100% up to €100 + 300 free spins
Receive Five Deposit Bonuses and 200 Free Spins!





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Avatars Gateway Guardians Overview

Avatars Gateway Guardians slot was released by Yggdrasil in June 2020 and has become one of the hottest trending releases. Based on the theme of four Guardians, protecting the Avatar Kingdom, your mission is to spin your way through the portal, by aligning the ancient cosmic dial. With cool neon colours and powerful Hot Spot Multipliers and Free Spins, Avatars Gateway Guardians is a game that's a sure fire winner if you're into aliens and hidden secrets of the cosmos. Wins can get as big as x2,900 for lucky spinners – paying out up to €580,000 on the max bet!



Avatars Gateway Guardians slot, is not your standard video slot or fruit machine – this is something with unique appeal. When you load the game, you'll instantly see there are no classic reels – they're replaced by an ancient stone disk that's reminiscent of those found in ancient Mayan cultures. Lovers of extra-terrestrials will enjoy giving the disk a spin, to try and piece together the puzzle and unlock the access to another dimension – along with real world payout potential. To hit wins, you need to spin three matching symbols on the disk, with the potential to trigger Free Spins and Hot Spot Multipliers, also just a lucky spin away.




The RTP of Avatars Gateway Guardians slot is 96.3%, with an average base game strike rate of 17.1% and mid-low volatility rating of 59 on the Yggdrasil ratings. The unique ancient dial, takes the place of a tradition set of reels, with the aim of the game to spin-in three parts of a symbol to win a reward for one of the seven symbols.


With 18 bet levels from €0.10 to €200.00, this means the basic x10 coin win can pay from 0.10 to 200, while the max Red Guardian win can pay between €40 and €8000 depending on the trigger bet size.


Symbol Winning Spin
Red Guardian x400 x400
Purple Guardian x200 x200
Green Guardian x100 x100
Blue Guardian x50 x50
Purple sphere x20 x20
Green sphere x10 x10
Blue sphere x10 x10


The games bigger payouts up to x2,900, come via getting lucky with the bonus features.




Avatars Gateway Guardians slot has two cool bonus features, with the potential for big multipliers and free spins.


The central bonus feature in the game, is focussed on the HOT SPOT – highlighted at the top of the base game's slotscape, with a white glow. Spinning a win in the Hot Spot zone (a complete regular symbol appears lights-up), creates a win with a Win Multiplier. The Win Multiplier start at x1 and increases by 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, or 20x increments.


You can stack-up five multipliers and accumulate potentially amazing wins if you get lucky. The hand symbol pop-up to indicate any wins – with a max up to x101!


The FREE SPINS bonus round links-in with the Hot Spots. The bonus is triggered by landing three (or more) parts of a Free Spin symbol on the game zone. The bonus rewards you with 10 Free Spins with eight slot sections, versus the standard six. If you spin-in more than three parts of the Free Spin icon in the Hot Spot, the rewards are increased:


  • 0 Free Spin symbol parts in the Hot Spot trigger Free Spins with 2 Hot Spots.
  • 1 Free Spin symbol part in the Hot Spot trigger Free Spins with 4 Hot Spots.
  • 2 Free Spin symbol parts in the Hot Spot trigger Free Spins with 6 Hot Spots.
  • 3 Free Spin symbol parts in the Hot Spot trigger Free Spins with 8 Hot Spots.


The bonuses in Avatars Gateway Guardians slot don't require any interaction from the player – so just sit back and watch the action un-fold, if you trigger the features.


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Quick Game Info

Release Date November 14, 2019
Default bet size €1.0
Default Coin range 0.01 - 20.00
Paylines 6 (8 in Free Spins)
Game Type Leo Vegas Exclusive Video Slot
Default max bet €200
Volatility 59
Max RTP 96.3%
Maximum Win € 580,000

How To Play Avatars Gateway Guardians

Avatars Gateway Guardians slot is an innovative game, but it's still easy to play just like a classic video slot, with a normal reel format. If you need some tips – here's a quick-spin guide to playing Avatars Gateway Guardians for free, or with real money.



How to Play Avatars Gateway Guardians for Real Money



Here's how to spin Avatars Gateway Guardians slot with real money:


  1. Click on the +/- coin button to choose a 0.01 – 20.00 coin
  2. Click the spin button in the centre of Avatars Gateway Guardians
  3. Enjoy any bonus features
  4. Spin new round


How to Play Avatars Gateway Guardians for Free


Have a spin on our free Avatars Gateway Guardians slot demo:


  1. Select bet via the coin tab from 0.01 to 20.00
  2. The slot automatically plays 6 paylines
  3. Click Spin and play the demo round
  4. Use Autospin to play 10-1,000 spins


Conclusions About Avatars Gateway Guardians

Avatars Gateway Guardians slot is a game with unique appeal, thanks to a cosmic theme and interesting disk reel style. This has a back-to-the-future feeling, fusing retro arcade graphics with an ancient alien theme that offers a real sense of mystery and adventure.

Spinning the Avatars Gateway Guardians slot disk, lets you take your chance at hypnotising the four Guardians of the Gateway to Avatar, and matching the symbols to strike winning combos. The cosmic disk can also trigger Free Spins and Hot Spot Multipliers, triggering wins as high as x2,900 for seriously fortunate spinners!

Bets from 0.10 to 200 give Avatars Gateway Guardians a vast range of options when it comes to staking, with the max win of x2,900 having the potential to payout anything from to €2,900, all the way to €580,000 for the very rare huge bankroll player! Whatever your level, with a 96.3% RTP, Avatars Gateway Guardians slot offers good value, along with one of the coolest slotscapes on the scene.



FAQs ABOUT Avatars Gateway Guardians

Find the answers to the frequently asked questions about Avatars Gateway Guardians
Avatars Gateway Guardians slot can payout a wide range of payouts when you spin three symbol pieces on the games unique disk style reel layout. Any wins gained, are multiplied by the trigger coin/bet size, creating lots of payout diversity. The maximum win on the game is x2,900 having the potential to payout anything from to €2,900 (€0.10 spin) to €580,000 (€200 spin). Whatever your budget, with a 96.3% RTP, Avatars Gateway Guardians slot potential value, if you play with a safe coin size and budget.
The return-to-player (RTP) of Avatars Gateway Guardians slot is 96.3% with a mid-low volatility rating of 59.The slot also has a base game average hit rate of 17.1% which isn't as high as some Yggdrasil slots – but the wins are relatively big when wins land. The Free Spins have an average fall rate of 1-132. Over-all, Avatars Gateway Guardians slot offers plenty of value if you play with funds you can afford to spend on fun.
You can spin our free Avatars Gateway Guardians slot demo and sample one of the coolest video slots on the market – before spinning at real Avatars Gateway Guardians slot sites.
You can register at Avatars Gateway Guardians slot sites and claim generic free spin and deposit rewards, and use the funds to play Avatars Gateway Guardians slot. You can also enjoy Avatars Gateway Guardians slot's Free Spin mode, which is triggered randomly.

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