How to play Avatars Gateway Guardians

Avatars Gateway Guardians slot sites has a unique reel style that can seem a but daunting if you're new to the game – but in reality it's as easy as playing a standard video slot. Here's a guide to the game's betting options, paylines, settings, bonuses, payouts and strategy tips.



You can spin at Avatars Gateway Guardians slot sites with 18 different betting levels, by tapping on the Coin button to select values between €0.01 and €20. The activated coin is multiplied by 10 to create your total bet size (e.g. 0.01 x 10 = €0.10 per spin). Avatars Gateway Guardians slot sites always spins all the paylines, so you just need to ensure you select a coin/bet size that you're happy with – then press Spin.




You can play Avatars Gateway Guardians slot in your own unique style, by clicking on the Settings 'gear' icon towards the bottom left of the interface. You can instantly change features such as spin speed, volume, sound effects, and Autospin loss limits. Clicking next to the Spin button, also enables you to load 10-1,000 rounds on on auto play.




Avatars Gateway Guardians has a strong RTP of 96.3%, creating a fair gaming environment. Although the slot's average hit rate in the base game is a modest 17%, the mid-low volatility rating of 59 means you can typically find plenty of consistency compared to slots with more volatility.


When you do land winning combos, the reward levels are also relatively high even for the lowest value icons.


Winning combos are created by spinning-in three symbol pieces on the slot dial, with payouts of Red Guardian x400, Purple Guardian x200, Green Guardian x100, Blue Guardian x50, Purple sphere x20, Green sphere x10, and Blue sphere x10.


Avatars Gateway Guardians slot's 18 bet levels, means spins between €0.10 to €200.00, with the top symbol (Red Guardian) paying €40 on the minimum bet, all the way to €8,000 on the max bet. Bigger wins are possible via random luck on the bonus rounds.



Avatars Gateway Guardians is infused with two powerful bonus features:


HOT SPOT: Highlighted at the top of the base game's slotscape, with a white glow. Spinning a win in the Hot Spot zone (a complete regular symbol appears lights-up), creates a win with a multiplier. The win multipliers start at x1 and increases by 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, or 20x increments.


You can stack-up five multipliers and accumulate potentially amazing wins if you get lucky. The hand symbol pop-up to indicate any wins – with a max up to x101!


FREE SPINS: The Free Spins is activated by spinning-in three or more sections of the Free Spin icon, awarding 10 free rounds with two extra dial sections. Landing more than three parts of the Free Spin symbol in the Hot Spot, boosts your reward with up to eight Hot Spots added to the Free Spins.


Avatars Gateway Guardians slot's 17% basic hit rate and 96.3% RTP, offers the potential for good value slot sessions. However, the power of the Free Spins, needs more luck, with an average fall rate of 1-132 spins. While you can randomly find the feature, you'll logically boost your chances, by spinning with a higher round volume.


If you use this strategy, it's advisable to set your spin level to a low enough size, to stay within your budget, while guaranteeing your hundreds of spins.


You can use the Autospin loss limit function (in Settings) to play safely, while you can select up to 1,000 Autospins by clicking on the drop down next to the Spin button. No strategy guarantees winning spins, or bonus feature triggering, but this strategy can boost the odds.


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